Wind and Rain

December was fairly mild as far as wind and rain goes and that carried over into the new year . . . a little.  Last week we finished up some outdoor installs and hole digging.  This week the winter has arrived.  It's been nice to be snug in the shop getting on layouts, working with customers on their projects, and starting to prepare the material for signs in the month of January.  There are nine plywood panels in the shop all cut out and in primer.  Tomorrow we paint!  It doesn't end there, we still have to cut several panels from .063 alum and composite stock (alum/epvc) as well as some smaller acrylic signs and more!  He just received an approval on a carved and routed HDU sign which will go on the CNC very soon.  Also the digital printers are humming along again creating banners and decals to be applied to many of these substrates in prep.  I'm always so pleasantly surprised being so busy in January and it feels like it'll be a very busy year.


Scott's been learning about preparing a variety of substates and tomorrow we'll get started on final paint techniques.  He's eager to learn and seems to take pride in doing a good job!  


Permits are in on a couple of installation projects so we can start building . . . first up is a aluminum sign cabinet with sheet metal and welding . . . more pics soon!  I'm hoping to hear on a sculpted FRC (fiber reinforced concrete) piece, fingers crossed!

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