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I'm backlogged on blog posts but just wanted to share one of the things that we used to do and really not so much any more.  For 20 years in our previous shop we did flat stock screenprinting of all kinds and materials.  There were papers, cardstock, plastics, wood, vinyls, and sometimes custom creations that we printed.  I always enjoyed the process and the way printing freed my mind when my body was physically printing hundreds of parts.  We printed jobs that went to England, Japan, Iran, Canada, Mexico, and all over the United States.  Back in the day, I was screenprinting my own artwork called serigraphs (from the french for screenprinting).  I still hope to get back to that medium one day.  There is something magical about the process and I love the ability to print many pieces and yet each one can be slightly different.


Folders everywhere
Folders everywhere

When I opened Newport Signs, I made a decision to go digital rather than invest in setting up a screenprinting operation and I'm not sorry I did.  The digital printing has been quite amazing and is a huge part of creating signs.  Even so, I have keep a few important pieces of equipment and one day I will set up a small studio to start creating serigraphs again.  In the meantime, every year for the past thirty years, I have printed the folders for my mom and sisters bookkeeping and tax business in Sheridan/Tualatin called A-Plus Tax & Bookkeeping.  It's always fun to get out the supplies and setup the shop to dry the hundreds of folders and relive a little of the past!  Now that the printing is done, it's time to box up the folders the deliver them so that they may be filled with important tax papers!  Now onto some welding and metalworking!  It's always something different and interesting in the shop!  Meanwhile its blowing a gale outside so its a treat to be snug inside making cool stuff!

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