Regarding your banner:

The banner you have purchased is among the best advertising and promotional values available.  Here are a few points to consider to get the most out of your new banner

  1. Installation: If you're going to install the banner outdoors and hung between two structures, tie it securely to something that can handle the wind load on the banner. Bungees are recommended for this purpose. It should be taut, but not stretched tight. Slight sagging is necessary to allow the banner to absorb some of the wind load. For long banners, consider installing a cable between the structures and hanging the banner from that.
  2. Cleaning: Periodic cleaning will keep your banner looking great. To clean, use a mild detergent in water. Avoid harsh cleaners or solvents that could damage the fabric.
  3. Storing: Banners should be rolled for storage. For best results, roll the banner, with the graphics out, around a 4 in. diameter tube.
  4. Expectations: It's been said that an outdoor banner is a sail without a ship. Be realistic in your expectations. While a banner is an excellent promotional sign, it's not a substitute for a permanent sign.