Regarding your magnetics:

Installation: Both the vehicle surface and the brown magnetic side of the sign should be clean and dry. The best way to apply a magnetic sign to your vehicle is to let one edge of the sign contact the vehicle in the desired position. Then, let the magnetic power do the work as it puts the sign into place from the edge where you started to the edge opposite. If the sign is not exactly where you want it, peel it off, reposition the starting edge and repeat. Do not drag the magnetic to realign when it is against the surface.  Make sure that the entire surface of the sign is smoothly against the vehicle with no air pockets underneath. In winter the temperature of the sign should be about 50 degrees F during installation, but the temperature of the vehicle surface does not matter.


Maintenance: Remove the signs weekly and wipe dry both the magnetic side and the surface of the vehicle. This keeps moisture from collecting, which can potentially damage a vehicle's surface. Cleaning the display side of your magnetic sign is just as easy. Simply wash it with warm water and a mild detergent. We caution against applying magnetic signs to repainted surfaces.


Storing:  Avoid wrinkling by storing in a 3" - 4" diameter roll with the printed side of the sign pointed to the outside of the roll, or store the signs flat (perhaps on a sheet of steel or fridge side in garage.) Do not fold or store magnet to magnet. Anything else is just common sense - like don't put heavy things on or against signs in storage.


Expectations:  Magnetic signs are temporary by their nature, excessive speeds and dirt buildup will increase the possibility that they may blow off. They are easily stolen and/or damaged. Be realistic in your expectations. While a magnetic sign is an excellent promotional  product for temporary use, for permanent vehicle signage we recommend having the lettering and graphics applied directly to the vehicle surface.

*Note: since magnetics may be subject to extreme environmental conditions, we cannot be responsible for damage that might be done to the magnetic sign (or caused by the magnetic sign) while in use.  We cannot be responsible for lost magnetic signs.