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3D Preview
Aspire File

Oh, the time gets away from me and before I know it, days have past and it's time for a post.  There are alot of interesting projects coming up but here is a sweet little sample that I've wanted to do since before I got the CNC.

This is the 3D rendering that the Aspire software generates to make sure you are going to get what you want, or other wise it could be hours on the router before seeing that some detail is wrong.  

all be it a very blurry one!
Paintbrush in hand

Once the file is cut, it's time to paint.  I've been painting signs for many years now but mostly in Enamels, whether it be bulletins or lettering enamels.  I've started to work in high quality exterior acrylics in the past few years and last spring had an opportunity to attend a workshop by Dan Sawatzky who taught (among many other things) painting and glazing techniques.  It's incredible how life-like something looks with a glaze or two.  I've got a few more coats to go on this sign but here I'm adding glazes to the bamboo to create a really neat effect or two.  This is my time to experiment with color and technique and at the same time add to my samples.  

Almost finished
Almost finished

Ok, so it's a little blurry, but it still looks great!  I have ideas for several different variations of this theme, so you'll see more pop up time to to.  I've got a few more pieces coming off the CNC which will be presents for friends.  Friends are those people that still love you even though you work too much and never get to see anymore... (you guys rock!)  I'll post pictures after the weekend once I deliver their prezzies!  


Tomorrow on to the 'press' goes a job!  It's a sign for a condo unit with a cool dimensional slant on there original theme.  I'll be sure to document the progress on the sign to share here.  Until then...

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